Client Stories

Beth and Jake

When I started thinking about what I envisioned for the birth of my first child, I decided that having a doula should be part of the experience. I spoke with at least 10 different doulas over the phone and chose three to meet in person. Each was very different, although all wonderfully similar in many respects. My husband and I decided that our primary criteria for the selection would be to choose someone with whom we could connect with most strongly. Since the experience of having a baby is so personal, we felt it was important to be emotionally compatible with her.

We chose Jordyn because of her sweet sensibility, her magical smile and the wisdom she so evidently possesses far beyond her years.

Over the next several months, Jordyn helped us to prepare with prenatal classes, couples yoga, birth plan development and even belly casting! My pregnancy evolved into a fulfilling, positive and spiritual experience under her guidance. By the time I felt my first contraction, I was calling her not only my doula, but also a dear friend.

My active labor was 23 hours long and Jordyn was my rock. I wanted a natural childbirth, and presumed that sheer will would be enough to realize that goal, but I am certain that wouldn’t have become a reality without her. She and my husband worked in tandem to cheer me on and provide me with the support I needed to stay strong. I was in awe of Jordyn’s ability to soothe me through my contractions and speak strongly during those moments of doubt to buoy my confidence.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was between 6 and 7 cm, which is a testament to Jordyn’s understanding of when the time was right. As a result, I was able to move directly into the birthing suite and continue with my plan. My birth plan (which we created as a team) was overseen by Jordyn and followed expertly by the hospital staff. Jordyn was clearly in her element throughout the entire experience. My gentle, nurturing doula became a sensible and outspoken pillar of support. Several hours later, I gave birth to a healthy, bright-eyed baby girl.

I was blessed to have our first pictures include Jordyn by our side.
With gratitude,
Beth Hollinger 




Tracie and Dave

Jordyn entered my phase of pregnancy at a very integral part of the process…the last 10 weeks, which were extremely precious, emotionally exhilarating and quite anxiety producing.

I immediately knew, upon introducing myself after a pre-natal yoga class, that Jordyn was the doula for me.  She presents with amazing warmth, a smile that penetrates your entire system, playfulness and humor and gentle challenges.  She also had the ability to quickly ease my husband into the process from our very first time together.  She soon became a steadfast rock during a time where I almost lost my grounding on a weekly basis.
My connection with her only grew stronger as she continuously guided me through a process where my “body knew exactly what to do” and I became a participant as opposed to a controller.  Jordyn further enhanced my own trust in my body’s natural ability through lengthy discussions and educational sessions with my husband and I, eventually leading us to truly connect with and feel amazed by our daughter’s approaching birth and to let go of the constant worry that previously followed us everywhere.

Not only did she make herself available for our expected and anticipated birthing education sessions, numerous walks and belly casting, but was extremely available for every text and phone call, especially during the days and hours leading up to labor.
My husband and I anticipated a natural delivery in a hospital setting.  When I went past my due date and started the conversations of induction with my OB-GYN, Jordyn’s level of education and support surpassed my expectations.  After a few days of trying various natural methods and constant reminders of delivering a healthy baby as being of utmost importance, we eventually agreed to an induction day and time.  It was at this time that I truly began to let go and ease into the moments of greeting our baby for the first time.  If it weren’t for Jordyn’s presence during this entire process, I’m sure I would have had a very different outcome. 

On our way to the hospital, I began natural contractions on my own and by the time we got to the hospital I was 3cm dilated and 60% effaced.  My husband and I were so at ease and well informed that we actually labored together for five hours with minimal staff interruptions and eventually had Jordyn join us when hard labor began.  At a time when a child was about to enter our world and my body was doing amazing feats I only dreamed of, Jordyn was by my side helping me stay focused and continually in touch with what my body was supposed to be doing until my daughter was finally in my arms.  And it was Jordyn who captured our very first family photo!!
She is and always will be a very special and sacred part of our lives.

Tracie, David and Emilia

photo 2

photo 1

Bianca and Steven

I could not envision a better birth experience of the birth of my daughter and with the guidance, support and love from Jordyn. After taking a few prenatal classes with her I sensed that she would be the right type of doula for me:  emotionally, spiritually, and physically supportive and available. She has an intuitive gift of knowing how much of each of those components her clients need and thus what I needed from her that day. She takes more time to really get to know her clients and this is why I still feel a special connection to her 2 years later. 
I started feeling contractions that were irregular in timing (but regularly painful!) on a Friday night. I had a very inconsistent and long first stage of labor that still kept me up all night. Jordyn arrived in the morning, on Saturday, and was with me as my husband took a nap (he stayed up with me on Friday night) and allowed me to begin to enter a safe place where my labor could finally progress. Let me back up a bit to say that the start of my labor was partly due to Jordyn. I was nearly a week overdue and was really hoping to have no interventions and very stressed out that I was not dilated and did not feel any contractions. She advised that I begin to prepare myself a way to let go of control (this is a huge issues of mine!) and truly connect with my baby and relax. She recommended a meditation and I went for it. The moment after I finished this meditation I felt my first contractions since being pregnant, on that Friday night where this story began.   
During the day on Saturday as my labor progressed, Jordyn led me through yoga poses and ways to alleviate my pain while we spent a mild autumn day at a neighborhood park. She reminded me of the confidence I had inside myself when I couldn’t access my own strength alone during challenging moments of the journey. It was part of my plan to stay home as long as possible and when we reached the hospital to my surprise I was 7.5 cm dilated! She and my husband sat patiently for a few more hours by my side, holding my hand while I finished the rest of my labor in the tub at Pennsylvania Hospital. We welcomed our healthy, perfect little girl at 4am.
The birth of my daughter was challenging, transformative and life-changing and I was blessed to have such a wonderful husband and doula/ friend to guide my through that journey!


Leslie and Paul

Jordyn was an integral part of the births of our two children.  She provided us guidance, compassion, and peace of mind throughout every step of the process. 

 Before delivery, Jordyn worked closely with us, asking us thoughtful and insightful questions which helped shape our expectations and enabled us to develop a birth plan that suited our wants and needs.  During delivery, Jordyn transformed our labor room into a place of peace and tranquility.  Her level of involvement with us was perfect: she was right there when we needed her; and when we didn’t, she remained a calming presence in the background.  She provided mom strength at key moments and dad a break when he needed it most. 

 Both of our births had some difficult moments, but Jordyn’s wisdom and positivity helped us through, always keeping us focused on the end goal: welcoming our child safely and lovingly into our arms.  Jordyn’s instincts were keen and we unhesitatingly trusted them. 

 In short, our doula Jordyn was wonderful, and we can’t imagine what our children’s births would have been without her! 




Marie and Paul

I was researching doulas online and the moment I came across Jordyn’s website I just knew she was the doula for me!! Her bright, loving, calming energy came through and I immediately felt drawn to her. After meeting her in person it was a no brainer. We hired Jordyn right away. Throughout the third trimester I had the pleasure of doing prenatal yoga with Jordyn both in my home and at a studio – a necessary activity that kept me feeling strong in my body and confident in my mindset. Anytime I had anxiety or worries or questions as I neared 40 weeks Jordyn was always a text or phone call away to reassure me.

FullSizeRender (2)

The day that I went into labor is still so crystal clear. Per Jordyn’s recommendation, I labored at home for about 6 hours before leaving for the hospital. By the time I was checked into the hospital my water was broken and I was 8cm dilated. My birth plan was to go through labor naturally- no drugs at all. When we got to the hospital I decided I wanted an epidural. Jordyn calmly and encouragingly motivated me to keep going just as I was. Both she and my husband believed that I could do it and that was all I needed to keep going.

As labor became more intense Jordyn was the one rubbing my back and speaking soothing words of motivation to me. My amazing husband was right by my side too, but it was Jordyn who I wanted closest to me physically in the moment. She knew what she was doing and brought me a deep sense of calm amidst the chaos.

Finally it was time to push, push push! My daughter got stuck in the birth canal on her way out and things turned serious very quickly. It all happened so fast and I am beyond grateful that Jordyn was there not only for me, but for my husband. She encouraged me every step of my labor and I know I could not have done it without her. She helped keep me very calm throughout the entire process and I will never forget how her soft voice kept the tone in the room relaxed and positive.

THANK YOU, Jordyn for being truly amazing at what you do. You have such a gift for making women feel taken care of, safe and at ease through what was the hardest/most empowering thing I’ve ever done in my life. Jordyn is now a dear friend whom we adore and I am so happy she came into our lives! We love you, Jordyn!! 



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