Birth Doula

As a doula I provide prenatal and labor support and advocacy, Herbs, loose teas and essential oils for pregnancy and labor, belly casting or birth art, discounted rates for private yoga and a postpartum visit.

Private or small group birth classes

Birth education classes in the comfort of your own home with books included. Classes can be broken into 3 weeks or 1 day intensive.

Private prenatal yoga sessions

Prenatal yoga session in your home as well as private couples prenatal yoga.

Belly Casts or Birth Art

Belly casts capture this beautiful moment in time helping you honor your pregnancy, your body and journey into motherhood and celebrate the bond between you and your baby.

Birth Art can reveal your overlooked strengths and resources as well as facing fears or obstacles that may appear and keep you from tapping into all of yours resources.

“When my husband and I met Jordyn we instantly felt like she needed to be a part of our birth.  We felt her energy, experience, and personality were a great fit for this tremendously important experience.  Jordyn took the time to get to know us before our birth and we felt really comfortable and confident with her by our side.  My husband was concerned at first that a doula would somehow minimize his role but after meeting and talking with Jordyn he felt relieved and excited to have another support person with us.  Our birth greatly deviated from our plan and many obstacles came our way.  Jordyn helped us work through each issue as it arose and helped us navigate through a C-section in hospital when we had planned for a natural delivery in a birth center.  We now have a beautiful baby girl and while our birth was not what we had hoped for we could not have been more grateful to have Jordyn there to guide us through.” ~Julia and Steven Wittig

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