Cervical Scar Tissue

Dawn Thompson radio interview.

This interview with Dawn Thompson, a doula in San Diago, has been passed around within the doula community.  I believe it to be insightful for doula’s, mothers, and mothers-to-be.  So many of us have experienced stalled labors that have led to Caesarean sections. Often the reason for the C-Sections is a “failure to progress” or “the baby was just too big”.  My belief has long been that our bodies wouldn’t make something that we could not push out on our own.  So when I read this article about cervical scar tissue forming knots and restricting the cervix from dilating I let out a sigh of relief.   Care providers, doulas, and all women must know that this cause of restricted dilating CAN potentially be avoided.

The rise of HPV and the increased presence of abnormal cervical cells and cervical cancer has resulted in more cervical procedures among girls.  One of these procedures, called a coloscopy, conducts a biopsy by removing cervical tissue containing abnormal cervical cells. Another procedure, called a Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP), uses a thin wire loop electrode attached to an electrosurgical generator.  The generator transmits an electrical current that cuts away cervical tissue in the immediate area of the loop wire. This causes the abnormal cells to rapidly heat and burst and separates the tissue as the loop wire moves through the cervix.  Each of these procedures potentially leaves scar tissue especially when a woman has this procedure more than once which is common.

Unfortunately, the cervix has to be greatly effaced to know whether or not there is scar tissue and a doctor or midwife will not feel the scar tissue during a routine check.  Asking your care provider to look for and break up scar tissue is an easy way to increase your likelihood of a vaginal birth. I am now asking my clients if they have had any cervical procedures, because this bit of knowledge can possibly change the direction of a labor and its outcome.


Dawn wrote a blog about this 6 years ago after experiencing this with her sister and it has changed her life as a doula and educator.

Dawn’s Blog

Looking for Postpartum Support?

Post-Partum Doula Support

Tia Zlotnikoff

Not only is Tia a Postpartum Doula, she is also a holistic health care counselor and a dear friend to me.  She is in the business of listening; helping people in achieving total health and a balanced lifestyle through plans that are specific to the needs of each individual.  

As a Postpartum Doula Tia provides education, non-judgmental support, and companionship to new mothers and families in culturally diverse communities and home based settings.  She offers evidence-based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, infant soothing and coping skills for new parents and will make appropriate referrals when necessary. Tia is trained in breastfeeding support, postpartum adjustment and newborn characteristics, care, feeding and development; assisting and promoting parent-infant bonding.

As a mother once told me :

“Tia helped me get to know and understand my baby, she helped me communicate with him as in what sounds and looks meant what needs, I could not have done it without her”

I personally have never met a better listener, friend and guide into self acceptance and self awareness which in turn equals learning to care for myself and my body. It does not always happen over night, in my case years, which feeds my point that Tia has never judged nor “given up” on my process and helps me in not judging myself.  Lets face it, we all judge and critique ourselves in an unforgiving way the most.

The same goes for a new mom, if not more; in a culture that is constantly generalizing, even force feeding what moms are “supposed” to be, what babies are supposed to be doing.  Sleep schedules, feeding, co-sleeping or not?, do we let the baby cry it out or not? and again, this is “supposed” to be the happiest time of your life.  The weeks following a birth are exhilarating and joyous, however, they can also be an isolating time for a mom and these pressures even if intellectually we know “shouldn’t” matter, our inner critic can override intellect especially in the moments where we are most sensitive or alone.  Having a person with Tia’s qualities by your side is invaluable and one of the best choices you can make.

The words of another mom:

“Tia Zlotnikoff is hands down the very best postpartum doula that you could hire. She is warm, engaging, knowledgable, and just generally outstanding. She was a fantastic resource for breastfeeding, and thanks to her I am still happily and easily breastfeeding my 10 month old daughter.  My daughter was born with PKU (an autosomal recessive disorder that we did not know about in advance) in August of 2008. My husband and I fell apart after learning this news on day 4 of life, but Tia was a pillar of strength, calm, and support. She had never dealt with this rare metabolic disease before, but managed to jump in with both feet and really get us through a tough time. She did everything and anything we needed her to do. She even thought of things that we didn’t, and was full of helpful postpartum tips for moms. I cannot say enough good things about her. She was wonderful with our daughter, was extremely patient with our silly dogs, and was an amazing help to us as new parents. We were truly sad to see her go. I (and my family) give Tia our very highest recommendation. I would be happy to speak to anyone about her amazing work and dedication.”

Tia’s Contact Information:

215.356.1337  ~~~