Bianca and Steven

Client stories…

October, 2013

I could not envision a better birth experience of the birth of my daughter and with the guidance, support and love from Jordyn. After taking a few prenatal classes with her I sensed that she would be the right type of doula for me:  emotionally, spiritually, and physically supportive and available. She has an intuitive gift of knowing how much of each of those components her clients need and thus what I needed from her that day. She takes more time to really get to know her clients and this is why I still feel a special connection to her 2 years later. 
I started feeling contractions that were irregular in timing (but regularly painful!) on a Friday night. I had a very inconsistent and long first stage of labor that still kept me up all night. Jordyn arrived in the morning, on Saturday, and was with me as my husband took a nap (he stayed up with me on Friday night) and allowed me to begin to enter a safe place where my labor could finally progress. Let me back up a bit to say that the start of my labor was partly due to Jordyn. I was nearly a week overdue and was really hoping to have no interventions and very stressed out that I was not dilated and did not feel any contractions. She advised that I begin to prepare myself a way to let go of control (this is a huge issues of mine!) and truly connect with my baby and relax. She recommended a meditation and I went for it. The moment after I finished this meditation I felt my first contractions since being pregnant, on that Friday night where this story began.   
During the day on Saturday as my labor progressed, Jordyn led me through yoga poses and ways to alleviate my pain while we spent a mild autumn day at a neighborhood park. She reminded me of the confidence I had inside myself when I couldn’t access my own strength alone during challenging moments of the journey. It was part of my plan to stay home as long as possible and when we reached the hospital to my surprise I was 7.5 cm dilated! She and my husband sat patiently for a few more hours by my side, holding my hand while I finished the rest of my labor in the tub at Pennsylvania Hospital. We welcomed our healthy, perfect little girl at 4am.
The birth of my daughter was challenging, transformative and life-changing and I was blessed to have such a wonderful husband and doula/ friend to guide my through that journey!

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