Supporting New Mothers and Babies with Tia Zlotnikoff- New Group


For most of recorded history, humans have been welcoming new babies into an

environment defined by closely knit family structures and community involvement in

family life. Regardless of culture, class, or geographic location, support for the newly

parenting mother has been the rule, rather than the exception. This 6 week group

provides a nourishing and supportive place for new moms and their babies to gather

and learn during the tender and dynamic postpartum period (your fourth trimester!)

This group aims to allow for each participant and their baby(ies) get individual attention,

and is designed so that parents of newborns can get to know their baby and their

changing selves week by week. Through discussion and interaction with your baby, we

will explore:

understanding the Fourth Trimester and the pregnancy year

your postpartum body

creating enjoyable and sustainable routines

meeting your new baby (newborn play, sleep, baby q&a)

making sense of changing roles and relationships

stay at home outlook/perspectives on returning to work

Wednesdays 11/5, 12, 19 & 12/3, 10, 17

2:00-3:30pm at Dig Yoga Philadelphia

To Register or for more information contact:

Dig Yoga

410 Monroe St, Philadelpia


    About Tia:

    With 10 years of experience providing postpartum support to over 200 families, Tia

    brings to each interaction her deep appreciation for new parents and her unique

    knowledge and perspective on newborn and infant behavior. As a DONA trained and

    certified postpartum doula and certified Holistic Health counselor, Tia offers a truly

    whole-family approach to fourth trimester support that considers the culture of your

    unique family and incorporates her knowledge of whole foods, traditional healing,

    energetics, clean living, history, western herbs and aromatherapy.


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