Can we take ourselves out of the center?

    Before each prenatal yoga class, I like to come up with a theme for us to think about through our practice.  This week I ask the question, what happens when we take ourselves out of the center?  When we are pregnant it is very easy and natural to feel like the center of everything; in a lot of ways you are, but can it help us to move to the outside every once in a while? YES!

    I felt in my own experience and I see it with clients often, where the mothers feel a ton of personal responsibility for the well being of the beautiful little life growing inside of them.  Sometimes we forget that there is an ever flowing and revolving universe that also has a powerful impact on how things are going to go.  We even forget at times that this baby inside of us is a person who’s journey is not solely based on our personal hopes and dreams for that life.  That is a tough one to swallow, even more so now that my son is here on the outside with me.

    So, what can be gained from shifting our perspective? I find that when I put myself next to these things instead of in the the middle of them, I feel free! Free to let go just a little a bit and really forces me to trust in something bigger.  You, baby, the universe and g-d (if you believe) are all working together and working together equally. Honestly, I did not really get this concept till much further along into my pregnancy.  Before I was pregnant with Maxwell I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks.  When I got pregnant again I didn’t want to move. I wanted to stay perfectly still, as if I am the reason that this pregnancy will be a healthy and normal one.

     Eventually, I accepted that I am not that powerful and that the pregnancy will take the course it is meant to.  I started living again, I started exercising, I felt happier, I fully embraced my experience and for the most part loved every minute of it to the moment he was finally in my arms. To the pregnant mamas out there who may be reading this, I encourage you to ask yourself; If I move my mental position, will that benefit me and how?

Please join me for the month of November, every Sunday 10-11:15 am at Divine Play Space             

And Sunday December 7th-21st at 12pm I will be teaching a prenatal Yoga series at Focus Fitness. Would love to see you there!


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